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Wordlogic for consumer electronics


More and more consumer devices are now featuring connected capabilities, offering customers access to a huge range of information and entertainment services. WordLogic’s patented predictive technology can now be integrated with a huge range of consumer devices including handsets, TV’s, consoles and set top boxes. Our unrivalled predictive text is built upon advanced artificial intelligence that device manufacturers can use to create a greatly enhanced customer experience when it comes to entering complex words and phrases on these devices. Just some of the areas that Wordlogic’s technology can be applied includes:

OEM’s – Replacement keyboards already exist for Android devices, including our own iKnowU keyboard. We’re now making our core technology available to device manufacturers who want to improve the default device keyboard and offer customers an optimal experience for rapid and accurate text entry. Built upon ten years of patented technology, device manufacturers can now integrate Wordlogic with their devices to create an optimal customer experience that surpasses anything currently on the market.

Set top boxes  and TV’s – Connected set top boxes and TV’s offer customers a wealth of on-demand films and TV. However, this is often limited by the remote control that allows for limited and slow text input. Our predictive technology, when coupled with a cloud dictionary of thousands of films, programmes, actors, directors and other data, makes searching and browsing films via a numerical remote a far easier task.

Consoles – Like TV and set top box manufacturers, the current generation of games consoles offer users access to a wealth of services from music and games to TV, movies and even social networks. Wordlogic’s predictive text input makes entering sophisticated text via a traditional joypad much easier and opens up a new world of possibilites for console owners and manufacturers.

Satellite navigation – Wordlogic significantly improves entering sophisticated words and phrases into sat nav devices.

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