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Introducing WordLogic Reach™

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Have a business meeting and need to send a colleague essential information stored in your calendar, contacts, maps and Dropbox? All you need to do is type your message, and when you need to add links and information simply use WordLogic Reach to select and insert details from inside other apps or information sources with a few simple clicks – all without ever leaving your message compose screen.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 09.56.21WordLogic Reach’s revolutionary patent-pending technology understands the context of what you’re typing and instantly gives you access to the relevant app or data source to retrieve and share information. You’re then able to “reach” into these other sources and pull key information into the message you’re composing.

Whether you’re writing a text, email, IM or social update WordLogic Reach works seamlessly – meaning that you’ll never have to switch between apps or exit the message compose screen. WordLogic Reach is totally unique: a technology with endless possibilities that will usher in a new age of predictive text input and make communicating better and easier than ever before.