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iKnowU Keyboard – Android Mobile & Tablet

iKnowU’s award-winning keyboard is the most feature-rich and intuitive you’ll ever use. Using state-of-the-art patented technology it knows what you’re about to type – letting you complete sentences at blazing speed. It’s so accurate, you’ll be amazed you ever typed without it!

iKnowU becomes more accurate every time you use it, constantly learning about you and your style. Amazing features such as WordChunkingTM and GesturingTM enable you to chain together phrases and create whole sentences in a matter of seconds, saving you precious time. iKnowU is more than just a keyboard, it’s an extension of your personality.


Displays possible predictions allowing you to find the word or phrase you’re looking for more quickly accurately

Word and Phrase Prediction

Create whole sentences and phrases in a fraction of the time that you’d normally take to type them


Enter words and phrases with sub-second input resulting in
blazing fast entry speeds with full

Auto Learn

iKnowU learns and monitors your style and use of words, adjusting to better predict what you
want to type

Smart Learn

Predicts names of people & places, email addresses, website & more

Right or Left Handed Preference

iKnowU adjusts its actions and displays based upon the setup for either right or left-handed


Multi-keyboards & Themes

Customise your iKnowU experience with different themes and layouts