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WordLogic’s predictive input technology makes text input on smart phones and other devices faster, more accurate and informative – intuitively. As the usage of mobile devices and tablets with data applications expand to millions of devices shipped each year, there is an exploding demand for better input technology to make control of applications and communication easier.

WordLogic has well – patented and unique features: multi – level, multi – word, phrase or sentence fragment prediction; color coded predictive key highlighting; information-learning based on consumer and individual use; multiple concurrent dictionaries for multi-language, industry,custom terminology; and supports not just touchscreens but hardware keyboards. Going far beyond our competitor’s approaches, WordLogic’s prediction is so accurate and advanced that you may think it is reading your mind. It actually helps people compose what they want to say, request or search for, providing an aid for the mind and not just faster fingers.

Our software is adaptive, able to learn text that is frequently used, including words, phrases,names, email addresses, and phone numbers, among many other custom information pieces. WordLogic’s platform offers multi-level prediction, predictive next – key coloring and multi – dictionary parallel prediction.

WordLogic’s patents are as compelling as its products. Three U.S. and two European patents were awarded in 2010, and six more have received notice of issuance or are pending. An independent patent analysis verified the validity of the U.S. patents. With the company’s most recent significant patent licensing deal having closed on March 2012, the company is expecting to secure similar revenue transactions in the near future.