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Partnership Opportunities

For Business Partnership inquiries, please write businessgroup@wordlogic.com or call WordLogic at 604 – 257 – 3660.

WordLogic is currently evaluating technology and patent licensing opportunities with potential business partners globally. With our extensive patent portfolio as well as software & APP SDK Kits, WordLogic can work closely with your Android mobile software and tablet app development teams.

WordLogic’s Refined Search capabilities benefits both advertising and product models as well as business applications creating further revenue opportunities for our partner companies. WordLogic can enhance phrase discovery for both its consumer and business users globally

Educational and reference e – book publishers can utilize the Refined Search feature integrated with their content to access the entire Web universe of available information, providing instant, multi – level predictive search with 40% to 50% fewer steps than currently available techniques. The WordLogic software incorporates a Web Portal, which functions as a smart Internet research assistant, performing “browserless” Web searches on highlighted text strings without the user having to open an Internet browser. WordLogic’s Refined Searches occur dynamically and in the background. Without all of the “click – through frustrations” of Internet browsing on handheld devices, integrating this feature with e – books is powerful and a significant competitive advantage for the educational marketplace.

WordLogic enables business partners to create a company or application – specific dictionary targeted to their needs, such as equipped with custom – inputted data or vertical market information. For example, for business applications – which may include professionals, vertically integrated functions, and enterprise users – the Company’s software offers support for customized dictionaries and special terminology, such as for the journalism, medical, engineering, scientific, and legal communities.

As well, people have employed the Predictive Keyboard as an assistive device for dyslexia and cerebral palsy in the United States for years. The software could further be advantageous as a learning tool in situations where English is being taught or is a second language.

The Predictive Keyboard can be adopted as typing software, an assistive technology, a research tool, and an aid in language learning and instruction, as well as for many other purposes. It may hold competitive advantages in terms of ease of learning, ease of use, and overall functionality.