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Refine Search

WordLogic’s prediction engine (gesturing) combined with the patented Refined Search technology can serve up layers of information when it matters most, quickly. This information becomes both available and expandable at your fingertips. The text now becomes interactive in the document in real time.WordLogic’s Refined Search actively consolidates searches in real-time ensuring more accurate results the first time!

WordLogic aims to change the way people interact with the Internet by enabling fast multi-level and multi-word Internet searches. A key competitive advantage of WordLogic’s technology is that it performs deep Internet searches more rapidly, saving time and raising productivity for executives, their staff, and individual consumers. WordLogic’s software code is built inside the keyboard and not in the operating system – a feature that the Company believes is innovative for its industry. With the intelligence built into the software keyboard, WordLogic can immediately search databases for any information inputted on the device,bypassing several steps of the traditional search process by not being restricted to a single application’s scope of information. WordLogic believes that its Refined Search can greatly improve search efficiency. Each search request is intended to be able to access the entire Web universe of available information, providing instant, multi-level predictive search with 50% fewer steps than competitive techniques.

The WordLogic software can incorporate a Web Portal, which functions as a smart Internet research assistant, performing “browserless” Web searches on highlighted text strings without the user having to open an Internet browser. WordLogic’s Refined Searches occur dynamically and in the background without all of the “click-through frustrations” of Internet browsing on handheld devices. Search queries can be refined multiple times before results are returned.