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WordLogic for Business


Wordlogic now brings the incredible power of its patented predictive text technology to the workplace in one cost-effective solution. With over ten years experience, we understand the need for companies to offer their workers the ability to to rapidly and seamlessly enter industry or company-specific words and sentences into a multitude of devices from PC’s to mobile phones and tablets.

At Wordlogic, we’ll create a solution that’s tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Whereas other predictive text solutions offer single word prediction, WordLogic is the only company that has the ability to predict entire phrases and sentences with our Wordchunking™ technology. Furthermore, Gesturing™ technology enables workers to enter words and phrases with sub-second input, resulting in blazing fast entry speeds with full accuracy. Powering the predictive input is a bespoke cloud-based company dictionary that enables company/industry-specific words and phrases to be managed centrally and continuously updated so that they be synced across all of your workers devices.

Key Features

  • We’ll create a bespoke implementation no matter what your company size.
  • Works across PC, tablet and mobile (optimal for Android devices).
  • Powered by WordLogic’s patented Wordchunking™ technology that can predict entire words and phrases.
  • Rapidly enter whole phrases using our patented Gesturing™ technology
  • Create a single cloud-based dictionary specific to your company containing thousands of words and phrases or multiple dictionaries specific for individual specialties or departments. The cloud solution creates continuity for individuals across multiple devices.
  • Simple to deploy across your workforce.
  • Significantly boosts accuracy and productivity, saving businesses time and money.
  • Can be implemented into your existing IT infrastructure using WordLogic’s simple SDK

Industry Sectors

WordLogic for Business works across multiple industry sectors that have their own very specific needs. Click on any of the sectors below to see how Wordlogic for Business can work for you.


Consumer Electronics