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WordLogic for Healthcare


WordLogic for Healthcare brings the power of WordLogic’s patented predictive input technology to the electronic health record process (EHR). For clinicians who spend significant amounts of time filling in reports and whom repeatedly enter thousands of medical words and phrases, our technology will save huge amounts of time as it is powered by a cloud-based dictionary containing thousands of medical terms. When simply predicting the next word is not enough, our predictive technology utilises sophisticated AI to offer up entire phrases and can understand the context of what is being said as well as continually learning from what an individual types.

WordLogic for Healthcare works across PC, tablet and mobile to give clinicians complete freedom and flexibility to enter data wherever they choose. The cloud-based dictionary is centrally maintained by an organization to provide a single and continuous reference point for all workers and can be continually updated and synced across multiple devices include the very latest terminology, words and phrases including.

  • Medical conditions
  • Anatomical terminology
  • Medicines and treatments
  • Equipment
  • Company specific terms – people, places, policies and more.

WordLogic for Healthcare has been created in consultation with experienced clinicians to provide complete accuracy and completeness of reporting which is crucial, especially in the case litigation and other issues that may arise from incomplete information. In addition, WordLogic for Healthcare saves medical workers significant time and resources so that they can remain focused on the one thing that really matters – the patient.

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