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WordLogic for Utilities

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The utilities sector encompasses a diverse range of services. Water, gas, electricity, sewage and telecommunications are maintained 24/7 by a large workforce that needs the ability to send vital reports and status messages in a succinct and accurate fashion. Like any other sector, utility workers have a complex set of industry specific words and phrases that they need to input accurately across multiple devices whether they be office-based or in the field.

Wordlogic for Utilities works across PC’s, tablets and mobiles to give workers complete freedom and flexibility to enter sophisticated industry or company-specific words and phrases wherever they choose. The cloud-based dictionary is centrally maintained to provide a single and continuous reference point for all workers and can be continually updated and synced across multiple devices include the very latest words and phrases to include:

  • Equipment
  • Emergency and situation-specific terminology
  • Company specific terms – people, places, policies and more

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