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Intuitive Search

WordLogic’s Intuitive Search technology can dramatically change the way mobile device users interact with the web and how they access key word advertisements thus providing new revenue streams for social media and app development companies. Today, with a rapidly growing utilization and dependence on mobile devices, an opportunity exists for companies to generate new revenue from key word searches from their existing customers. This capability is made possible through the WordLogic technology and a partnering company can receive revenue associated with the key word search.

This type of intuitive search simplifies the user’s ability to access Web information via mobile or handheld devices, smartphones, and tablet PCs, as it eliminates the need for an individual to leave the application they are currently using, open the device’s Web browser, re-enter the search term, and wait for results. Instead, WordLogic’s technology performs the search as the individual is typing, without the need for an additional application opening.

WordLogic expects that its ability to make text dynamic in instant messaging programs can facilitate social networking by enabling activities such as immediate Web searches for products of interest directly from the instant messaging window.